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Hilo, is the largest city on the big island of Hawaii with nearly 45,000 people in the Hilo Metro area. Native Hawaiians and Polynesians have called Hilo their home for a long time; most references say since 1100. Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Koreans, and Portuguese in Hilo were recruited long before Hawaii was a State or even a territory of the United States as contract workers on sugarcane plantations.

The geographical location of Hilo adds to the dynamic of why Hilo is the way it is today. The fact that Hilo has been devastated several times by mother nature helps keep the cities culture and small town vibe entact. Tsunami’s and hurricanes have both wrecked havoc on the small town along the East coast of the big island of Hawaii.

The village and area of Hilo was named by King Kamehameha after a special braid that was used to secure his canoe. Hilo in Hawaiian means to twist. Kamehameha used Hilo to build his arsenal as well as ships to conquer other Hawaiian islands. There were wars and by the year 1791 by natives traveled for trade far and wide and reached other areas of the United States as well as went all the way to China.

There is much to see and do in Hawaii, below is a list of some of your options.

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